Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the first post of 2013

Not a great blog title, but so be it.

Currently, I am sitting on the sofa at Star & Mikal's home in Florida while Jay fixes me a bagel...yes, I am a lucky lady!  We have started a new tour...and so far this year is shaping up to be really excellent.

We left Lindemar on Jan 5th-after a traditional breakfast at USA Donuts with the family...it was a sunny and cold morning as we drove south.  I am happy to say that we had NO untoward car incidents as we traveled to Pennsylvania to our dear friends Davyn & Vesta's home.  A weekend of music and merriment ensued and was capped off by our playing at the Manor and Davyn was press-ganged into coming on stage to help me cover for Jay as he changed a broken harp string!  We wow'ed the crowd with a rousing rendition of 'Sloop John B'...and it was so good that we played it again at the next nursing home!

Our next stop on tour was in Virginia at Brittany's house-she is an amazing bass player and was busy giving some lessons to a couple of up-and-coming rockers.   We had a wee panic as one of her kitties made a ninja escape as we unloaded instruments but were relieved to learn that he was one of the few who were allowed to be outside.  Phew!

Jay made special friends with Ananda the kitty who played 'feet under the blanket' until 3 am when Jay chased her out of the bedroom...I suppose I didn't help by giggling every time he grumbled about her pouncing on his feet!

Our day's travels the next day (Weds) was spiced up by this Subaru with New York plates passing and then braking on I 95-it was our friends Harry and Merlyn of the duo Merry Mischief!  We happily stopped at the next rest area and much hugging and catching up ensued.  We made plans to grab supper together (at decent buffet-Jay wanted somewhere with a salad bar) and tried to figure out where to stop for the night...

It ended up that they stopped before us as I was engrossed in a book on tape and continued to drive until we got to St. Augustine, Fl.  The push had been upon us to get to Cape Coral/Ft. Myers for Thursday night because on Friday at (EEEW) 5am there were going to be some tv stations at the faire site to promote the upcoming 'Kiwanis Lee County Medieval Faire'.   So we checked out of the Ramada (very clean, inexpensive and decent breakfast) at 11 and just drove until we pulled into Max & Dre's driveway at 5pm.  Harry and Merlyn pulled in about 4 min. after us!

It was a fun night of camraderie after that-with a wee bit of jamming-and we somehow all managed to get up on Friday and get to Lakes park with plenty of time to get ready for our big tv shoot.  Several other acts were also there and we all did our best during each "cut away" (which is what they call it when the regular news anchors go to a reporter in another location) to make great music and merriment!

Terry (the entertainment director and head honcho) took all of us out to breakfast at Perkins as a reward.  Yay!  He had Jay and I in tears with some of his tales of past exploits.  All in all, it was a great time.  : )

The weekend passed quickly-it was very warm and humid-in the 80's and decent attendance at faire.

I will post more again later in the week as right now the battery on the computer is down to 25%  WHUPS!