Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mom & Kim left Florida today!

Hey all!

It has been a busy two weeks...and more.  Mom & Kim have been here in Fla., and since it was Mom's first time in Florida EVER we were trying to do tons of stuff!

They came in to Ft. Lauderdale on Feb. 15th...the day after 'Chocolate Beer Night' at World of Beer...good thing the flight wasn't TOO early since some of those beers were extremely tasty!  I especially liked the 'Terrapin Chocolate Stout' mixed with a Rasberry Lambec...yum!  : )

Mom's first comment:  "Look at all the palm trees!"  was soon followed by "It really is different here"
I remember feeling that bit of culture/weather shock the first year we came down-6 years ago now...Mom couldn't get over the fact that we needed ac in FEBRUARY!  Our daughter Kim had her teenage blase attitude on since she has been coming to Fla. for 5 years now...

Her attitude was quickly washed away when we got to Star & Mikal's and I tossed her in the pool-clothes on.  : )
It made for a MUCH better time!

That night we celebrated the safe arrival and loss of attitude by going out to Shinju Japanese Buffet in Coral Springs...Mom was ready to try some new sushi and delved into the cooked and a few uncooked items.  She liked most of the offerings-while she was here I think she became a bit fond of the teryaki eel and avacado roll...and also the sesame balls for desert!  Yarn Vikings Megan & Bill joined us-and we were a merry group munching our way through quite a few plates of offerings!

Kim and I paid a visit to Plato's Closet (a consignment shop which I HIGHLY reccomend for decently priced hip/stylish fashions).  She found quite a few treasures-and only exceeded her budget by $2.50...which was fine as the find of the day was a "Charlotte Russe" corset for "ONLY $5 MOM!!!!"

Thursday Mom, Kim and I went off to Fern Forest Park and walked some of the trails...Mom was snapping pictures happily every 8 feet or so.  She loved the Banyan trees (I do too!) because of their neat trunks-they look like a cluster of trees all grown together.  : )

Friday we had rehearsal for the Consort-Kim stayed here and go re-acquainted with her Ipod (we are hanging onto it till she gets on Honor Roll but gave her a break while she was here) and Mom enjoyed listening to us work through some new songs on site.  She also did a bit of exploring and marking off what she wanted to go to at faire.

Saturday we were all excited to head off to faire!  Kim was chomping at the bit to see her friends...and Mom was chomping at the bit to see EVERYTHING!  : )

Huh...think I'll post this now and add more later as Jay is ready to head out shopping!

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